Who's Responsible?

Ray Brooks

Ray Brooks is the most dangerous man in Minnesota.
And he isn't even in Minnesota.

Marathon Petroleum Executives—led by Executive Vice President Ray Brooks—are putting 1.7 million people in the Twin Cities in danger by operating the St. Paul Park oil refinery without experienced, fully-trained staff. These executives are trying to cut safety measures and replace experienced, highly-trained safety officers with contractors to save a buck. Marathon executives locked out experienced workers and ignored safety protocols the workers have called for.

Marathon Petroleum has a responsibility to put our community’s safety first.

This refinery has a strong safety record to-date because of the experienced Teamsters who know the facility inside out, and they care about our community. We need them back on the job with full safety measures in place to keep the Twin Cities safe.

Take action and send a message to Marathon Petroleum Executives who have the power to protect the Twin Cities but are choosing not to.